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Make Hawarden (Chester) Airport your Alternative to Chartering from Manchester Airport


Did you Know?

Did you know that Chester/Hawarden airport is only a 40 min drive from Manchester Airport? You can park your car for free at the Business Aviation Centre and walk directly to your Jet. Beat the traffic, the crowds and the extra fees by chartering a Private Jet or helicopter from Hawarden (Chester) airport instead. It will be cheaper too! Fuel, handling and landing charges are less than Manchester airport and in turn this will be passed on to your as the customer. 

Why charter a Private Jet from Manchester when you have Hawarden (Chester) Airport? 

Private Jet Charter from Manchester Airport


About Manchester Airport 


Private Jet and Air Charter Services in Manchester, United Kingdom. Aero Services Consulting Ltd  offers charter private jet flights in and out of Manchester, United Kingdom. 

In northwest England, Manchester is an industrial city and a metropolitan area. In the North of England, it is a major center 

of technology, industry, media, education and culture. Renowned as the birthplace of rail, soccer, and Rolls Royce, 

Manchester is a vibrant city that attracts both business and business. 


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