Private jet travels during Coronavirus pandemic: News & Tips

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Coronavirus: Regular updates and recommendations

We are doing our best to providing you with the latest information on travelling restrictions during the Coronavirus  (COVID-19) outbreak.

Latest Update (October 14, 2020):

Switzerland has updated the countries and region requiring mandatory quarantine:


  • Land Berlin

  • Land Hamburg


  • Region Bretagne

  • Region Centre-Val de Loire

  • Region Corse

  • Region Hauts-de-France

  • Region Île de France

  • Region Normandie

  • Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine

  • Region Occitanie

  • Region Pays de la Loire

  • Region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur

  • Overseas area French Guyana

  • Overseas area French Polynesia

  • Overseas area Guadeloupe

  • Overseas area La Réunion

  • Overseas area Martinique

  • Overseas area Mayotte

  • Overseas area Saint-Barthélemy

  • Overseas area Saint-Martin


  • Region Campania

  • Region Liguria

  • Region Sardinia

  • Region Veneto


  • Land Burgenland

  • Land Lower Austria

  • Land Salzburg

  • Land Upper Austria

  • Land Vienna

Belgium: Travel to a risk region is allowed without test or quarantine if the return is within 48h. You find all relevant information at

Latest Update (September 28, 2020): Switzerland demands quarantine for travellers coming in from Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary and the UK.

Austria demands a negative test or quarantine in Austria when coming from the following countries:

  • Prague

  • Some French regions (Île-de-France and the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur)

  • Some Portuguese locations including Lisbon and Porto

Germany defines new high-risk areas including:

  • The Czech Republic (without exceptions)

  • Luxembourg

  • The Austrian state of Tyrol

Latest Update (September 21, 2020): Italy and Switzerland are imposing compulsory COVID-19 tests on travellers coming from 7 French regions which are considered highly risky now.

List of regions: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Corsica, Hauts-de-France, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Occitanie, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, and Île-de-France - the region that includes Paris.

Latest Update (September 17, 2020): Vienna, Austria

Germany and Belgium have confirmed that Vienna is now amongst the high-risk cities. Belgium lists the entire Austrian territory – Carinthia excluded.

Latest Update (August 18, 2020): Travelling restrictions are back – the Balearic Islands and Croatia now in the spotlight

The end of the summer season seems to bring back some travel restrictions between European destinations including summer hotspots like the Balearic Islands, Spain and Croatia. After Germany has introduced stricter regulations for travellers coming in from the Balearic Islands a week ago, Switzerland is following with the latest communication announcing obligatory quarantine will apply from August 20 for people coming in from Albania, Belgium, Malta, Monaco and Luxembourg. Even though a negative COVID-19 text at arrival means exemption from quarantine in Germany, such renewed safety measures means undermining holiday plans for many. Corsica, Sardinia and the French Riviera are the preferable destinations these days.

Latest Update (July 15, 2020): Austria, Ireland and the UK

Austria decided to expand its country ban adding Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Egypt, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Romania and Serbia to the list. Lombardy, on the other hand, has been removed.

Meanwhile, Ryanair announced it would cut around 1,000 flights between Ireland and the UK in August and September due to the new quarantine measures for EU residents entering Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Latest Update (June 18, 2020): Europe

While France has already opened up since June 15th, Spanish governments have announced that it's on June 21st that they will reopen their borders to international travellers. It is now possible to travel to Spain via private jet. On the other hand, many famous clubbing spots in Ibiza have announced that they won't reopen for the 2020 season.

Latest Update (June 3, 2020): Italy

Italy was waiting for June the 3rd to open up its regions. Whether some airports are still closed, many others are reopening. National flights will now be restored.

Latest Update (June 2, 2020): France

France has opened up domestic flights and it is now possible to fly within the country.

Latest Update (May 27, 2020): Croatia

According to the latest news, Croatia will begin to allow tourists only after June 15th. For the time being, however, business meetings and yacht owners or renters can enter the country freely after the state police have approved them.

Latest Update (May 25, 2020): Sardinia, Italy

Based on the latest indications released by the Governor of Sardinia, all passengers who are planning to travel to Sardinia will have to comply with the following regulations. Our team is always ready to help you out as the instructions for some of the steps explained below could be available in Italian only.

  1. Request the authorisation to enter the island via the Sardinian Region APP

  2. Fill in the dedicated form.

  3. Possess a negative molecular COVID-19 test. If this is not the case, the passenger would need a negative serological COVID-19 test, administered by the medical staff of the Airport Authority upon arrival.

  4. Possess a self-declaration document containing the reason for the flight.

Latest Update (May 22, 2020): Austrian air travel restrictions, which were supposed to expire on May 22nd have been now officially prolonged. The new expiry date for the restrictions has been now decided for June 14th.

Latest Update (May 18, 2020): Governments have started to declare dates in late May and June when physical borders' bans will be lifted. Italy is planning to open up from June 3rd, but exceptions apply on a regional base. Sardinia's most famous holiday destination, Olbia, is regarded as one of the first holiday spots to open up to tourism. We have just received the information that Olbia's airport will be open for private jet charters from May 21st. Unfortunately, no details on the measures for travellers (e.g., the need for a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival or mandatory quarantine) are yet known.

Latest Update (May 1st, 2020): As countries are lifting their lockdown measures, we are providing you with an update about Austrian inbound flights on the day of Austria's end of lockdown.

As per the latest disposition, passengers coming from the following countries won't be able to enter Austria until May 22nd.

  • China

  • Iran

  • Italy

  • Switzerland

  • France

  • Spain

  • UK

  • Netherlands

  • Russia

  • Ukraine


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